15-1 Assembly Nitrile 2 Full

Stay dry and stay cool!

With the recent rainy weather here in Sweden and (hopefully) a warm summer just around the corner, we are reminded how important it is to keep your hands dry during long periods of work. Whether it be in an oily workshop or in a garden, our 15-1 Assembly Nitrile 2 Full (Pictured) is the perfect assembly glove to keep moisture and oils away from your skin while maintaining optimal finger dexterity.

For those hot summer days, stay cool with Eureka’s Cool series gloves! Ultra thin, high performance materials, with superior wicking capabilities makes these gloves a no-brainer during the summer months.

For dry environments go with SupraCoat – Eureka’s own special coating blend optimized for dry grip

for oily or wet environments go with Nitrile – Eureka optimized for wet/oily grip

Stay cool, stay protected!