Vibration Reducing glove combos!

Hand-arm vibrations are one of the main causes behind work related injuries. At Eureka we have developed a glove solution for almost every type of tool. Each work situation comes with a different injury profile but also with its own requirements to comfort and dexterity. There can be a conflict between having the best protection and choosing a product that is more comfortable and easier to work with!

At Eureka we have now decided to allow the sales of half pairs of the gloves for the vibration reducing gloves named “Flexi” and “Amplitude”! The image above shows a great example of combining the dexterous Impact Vibration Flexi with the more protective, but crude, Impact Vibration Amplitude.

The mix and match of these models enables you to operate power tools that require a higher level of dexterity whilst also protecting your hands against dangerous vibration damage.


Disclaimer: Impact Vibration Amplitude provides a higher level of protection compared to Impact Vibration Flexi; mixing and matching should be done with the utmost caution and only when high levels of dexterity are required to operate the tool.

Stay safe!