Eureka Summer Closure 2020

Our warehouse will be closed for 1 week from Monday the 13th of July.

Be sure to get your orders in with us before then!

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.

Pictured above is a mix-match of our dexterous Impact Vibration Flexi with the more protective, but crude, Impact Vibration Amplitude. Hand-arm vibrations are one of the main causes behind work related injuries involving from power tools. Keep your hands protected during those summer projects!

Disclaimer: Impact Vibration Amplitude provides a higher level of protection compared to Impact Vibration Flexi; mixing and matching should be done with the utmost caution and only when high levels of dexterity are required to operate the tool.

Go Light!

Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere. During these (hopefully) warm months, its all about lighter garments as well as lighter gloves for those summer activities and projects…

Eureka offers a range of super thin, ultra high dexterity and comfortable gloves. They are divided into 3 families:



Highest heat conductivity and a hydrophobic / hydrophilic construction that keeps your hands cool and dry!

*Unsuitable in presence of heat, flame or extreme cold.

18-5 SuperCool Ni

Thinner than a nylon glove, touchscreen and top rated F cut resistance!

18-3 Cool Ni

Super thin, touchscreen



Comfortable all-round gloves. High cut resistance & great sweat absorption

13-4 General Light SC

The Jack of all trades, thin, comfortable and cut E!



Fire resistant Para-aramid, anti-static yarns and a selection suitable from fine assembly tasks to racking big switches and breakers in big power installations.

15-4 Heat Ni

The ultimate workshop glove! Fire resistant textile and cut D all in a very fine and dexterous construction!


Stay cool and protected in the heat!