1 Year celebration at new office

Celebrating 1 year at our new office

Time flies when you’re having fun. Thats the usual saying which doesn’t really apply to this past year but time has flown quickly nonetheless.

Last year we took a big step in our facilities  with our new combined warehouse, office, and lab, as we at Eureka are constantly pushing the boundaries to make our products and services ever better.

For 2021 we have many interesting products in the works which will be launching during 2nd half of the year as well as a big ongoing push for digital services!

Stay tuned and stay safe!

Tire Change Vibration

Easter is here and it’s soon time to change tires!

Do you feel numbness in your hands after your shift? This could very well be caused by operating harmful vibrating tools without proper protection or precaution.

Keep your hands safe by following these simple steps:

  1. Keep your hands warm
  2. Rotate work tasks – minimize exposure
  3. Use modern power tools
  4. Use the correct Eureka glove

Specifically for impacting tools like those found in a tire chaning worskhop we hihgly recommend the 15-1 Transient Vibration or the 15-4 Flexi Vibration if you also need moderate cut protection.

Hand arm vibration syndrome and vibration induced white finger syndrome are serious and very real. This is especially problematic as the use of incorrect vibration reducing gloves can accelerate the damage exponentially. Eureka’s line of vibration reducing gloves provide an unmatched level of protection when using impacting and/or vibration tools. Our unique glove-to-tool matching concept marks the beginning of a paradigm shift in personal vibration protection by providing you with the correct protective glove to match the frequency range of the tool you are using.

With advanced measuring equipment, a carefully developed range of unique vibration-reducing gloves and an ever-growing database, we at Eureka have developed a deep understanding of the risks of vibrating and impacting tools.

Ask the pros! Contact us at eureka@berger.se

Find your distributor at www.eurekasafety.se/where-to-buy

Stay safe and happy easter!