Eureka Safety: Introduction

Y.Berger & Co

Y.Berger & Co is a family owned textile company based in Sweden. The company was founded in 1959 and is active in the fields of technical textiles, safety gloves and interior textile. Today, our headquarters and warehouse is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our USA sales office is located in Ohio, United States and our production, wet development and main warehouse is located in Wuxi, China.

Eureka Safety Gloves

Eureka’s focus is on high performance gloves for demanding work situations, primarily in the industrial sector. Y.Berger has almost 60 years of experience in technical fibres, and this knowledge is the basis from which we produce advanced textile solutions tailored to meet the most demanding situations. Our excellent know-how and materials knowledge allow our laboratory and production facility to implement new technologies much faster and at a higher degree of sophistication compared to competitors.

Eureka products are made available from our Wuxi, China; Gothenburg, Sweden; and Ohio, USA stock. Our packing and boxes has been carefully designed for best product identification and to minimize logistic and retail handling costs.

Our sales team has a remarkably deep technical knowledge and are stationed in Gothenburg, Sweden; and Ohio, USA. In order to support our customers we also have extensive product information and E-learning available over internet and as a mobile app.

Eureka values

Safety through progress!
Eureka solutions are always bringing new technology to the benefit of our customers.

Clear purpose of each product – one product per user segment.
We always try to understand the end user requirement in terms of physical properties. We clearly map our products according to two axis, such as “cut resistance / user environment” for seamless, or “moisture / temperature” for winter gloves.

A name to carry the purpose.
To help overcome the challenge of getting the right products to the right working conditions all our products have names that give an indication of how they are made and meant to be used!

Lean all the way!
Eureka is focusing on using the best available raw materials and avoid common but detrimental shortcuts. We aim to stay within mass-market cost levels to suit demanding industrial users. A high cost efficiency is provided by a modular approach, a lean organization with integrated producer-distributor and fast moving logistics.

Y.Berger & Co History

Mr. Yngve Berger pioneered our Far East trading in the late 1940s when he traveled to Japan by old propeller planes. The rise of the Far East trading caused friction in the trading company at the time and Yngve was offered a management buyout in the Far East textile business. Since the inauguration of the company in 1959, Mr. Per Berger, 2nd generation took over and expanded the company into gloves and shoes. The company then opened an office in China in 1994. In the last decade the 3rd generation reduced company scope to gloves, technical yarns/fibres and fabrics, while increasing attention to design and technology.

Eureka History

“He threw down the gauntlet and it landed on the table between them…” Well, it wasn’t exactly a gauntlet but rather a crude early-prototype glove made of a new, strong, cut resistant yarn. It was now obvious to everyone in the room that our company had access to several new advanced technologies that each provided a significant advantage to the end user. There was no formal decision at this critical moment but it was the seed of what was to become Eureka!

It took us 3 years to develop the ideas into products, and when most of our textile products were about to be ready the coating got nowhere. At that point we decided to open our own coating factory and warehouse. This allows us full control of quality of raw materials for both coating and the cut & sewn gloves. Since 2012 Eureka has expanded and is now available in 30 countries around the world.

Our responsibility

We have a responsibility to our customers and suppliers to constantly work for a better, safer and ethical production. To guide us in this important job we have our Code of Conduct which is based on ILOs conventions for human rights and EUs chemical law REACH. In 2018 our Wuxi facility was approved with the BSCI certification as well as ISO 9001:2015. At Eureka we consider the environmental impact in the production, transport, use and disposal of our products and work to reduce our life cycle footprint.