Eureka söker en Kvalitets- och Logistikansvarig!

Y. Berger & Co. AB’s avdelning Eureka Safety söker en Kvalitets- och Logistikansvarig

Eureka Safety arbetar i huvudsak med teknisk textil och avancerade skyddshandskar. Våra produkter tillverkas i egen fabrik i Kina och säljs sedan i 30 olika länder via våra lager och försäljningsbolag i Sverige, USA och Sydafrika.

Vi söker en Kvalitets- och Logistikansvarig till vårt nya huvudkontor i Bårhult Landvetter.

Arbetet innefattar:

  • Stärkande av vårt kvalitetsarbete
  • Logistik och produktkostnadsberäkningar i Excel
  • Produktcertifieringsansvar
  • Diverse projektarbeten inom inköp och fysisk produktkvalitet.

Du bör ha en ingenjörsutbildning på minst tre år gärna inom kvalitet, textil eller kemi samt några års arbetslivserfarenhet. Tidigare arbete inom arbetskläder/personlig skyddsutrustning är meriterande men inte nödvändigt. Arbetet är internationellt och goda kunskaper i engelska är nödvändiga.

Personliga egenskaper som är viktiga är:

  • Positiv och drivande
  • Noggrann och strukturerad
  • Tekniskt intresse

Eureka växer snabbt och utvecklar ständigt nya tekniker och produkter. Vår arbetsplats är flexibel, positiv men även krävande.

Ytterligare information om företaget och våra produkter hittar du på

Vid eventuella frågor kontakta Markus Berger på telefon 0733-563112. Ansökan skickas till  senast 17:e augusti.

Vibration 3 levels of accuracy

Vibration: 3 levels of accuracy

Vibration reduction to reduce the risk of HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome) is a complicated topic. There are many aspects to consider when choosing the correct glove for you tool. At Eureka we like to use the visualisation that tool vibrations are akin to the ocean – large swells, waves, and ripples all representing the dimensions and complexity. The most impacting factors being tool vibration simplified as RPM (revolutions per minute), rotational or impacting vibrations, working material, environmental temperature, and environmental stress factors such as ambient noise level.

Accounting for these factors determines the level of accuracy when choosing the correct glove. The higher the potential vibration exposure, the higher the level of accuracy is recommended.

At Eureka we have categorised the selection accuracy into 3 levels:

Accuracy Level 1 (Lowest):

15,000- 20,000 RPM. Does your tool rotate faster or slower than this range? Impact Vibration range for faster and high energy impacting tools, Flexi range for slower.

Accuracy Level 2 (Medium):

Using the Eureka Tool-Type dot chart along with the Eureka Vibration Tool Acceleration Overview (available on customer page only) for determining the appropriate glove.

Accuracy Level 3 (Highest):

On-site measurements and in-depth analysis. At this level, our experts will visit your premises and measure the exact “in-action” vibration exposure to record the most accurate data. This data is then relayed back to our HQ where it is analysed and a full report per tool with glove recommendations is generated.

For odd jobs and occasional vibrating tool exposure, accuracy level 1 or 2 to select a glove model may suffice. For repeated work, industrial use, exposure over long periods, accuracy level 3 is strongly recommended. If in doubt, please contact us at Eureka and we can assist you in selecting the appropriate protection.

Summer Warehouse Closure 2022

Our Sweden warehouse will be closed for 1 week with a period of reduced order processing.

  • W27 / Week of July 4th: Normal operation
  • W28 / Week of July 11th: Normal operation
  • W29 / Week of July 18th: Reduced hours
  • W30 / Week of July 25th: Reduced hours
  • W31 / Week of August 1nd: CLOSED
  • W32 / Week of August 8th: Reduced hours
  • W33 / Week of August 15th: Back to normal operation

Be sure to get your orders in with us in good time!

Our Journey Further Into The Digital World – New ERP – Temporary Disruption

On our journey towards a more digital future, some steps are small and some are large.

At the end of May we will be upgrading our ERP system to a more advanced and efficient system. 

The switch-over will create a temporary disruption in our processing of orders and logistics. If your stock levels are low and wish to place an order please do so before Friday the 20th of May. 

Important dates: Wednesday 25th May -> Tuesday 31st May. No orders will be processed during this time. 

Eureka on YouTube

Keen to learn more about Eureka Safety and our products?

Visit our YouTube channel and watch our continuously growing collection of  videos! Are you a customer of ours and want a more in-depth look at our concepts and categories? Check out or V-Learning’s on our Customer Page!

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Eureka Safety and COVID-19

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues into its 3rd year with the omicron variant spreading fast, Eureka is taking stricter measures for the safety and wellbeing of its employees.

Over the next few weeks please expect some delays on orders placed from our Sweden warehouse.

We thank you for your patience.

Stay safe!

Image courtesy of the CDC

Seasons Greetings!

Seasons greetings! We at Eureka wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. A huge thank you to everyone and we look forward to new opportunities in 2022! Deliveries will be limited on orders placed between the 20th of December and 7th of January.

Happy Holidays!

18-5 SuperCool Nitrile Black Edition

Black Friday, black edition!

Introducing our 18-5 SuperCool Nitrile in full black. Designed for the security and law enforcement sector. No visible print, ultra thin and cut protection level F / ANSI A6.

Check out the video of the original 18-5 SuperCool here!

Contact your Eureka sales representative for more info!

Eureka Safety Construction Safety Magazine

Vibration reducing gloves & Construction Safety

Vibration is a complex challenge. Are you having troubles understanding the implications? Check out Eureka’s article covering vibration basics, and challenges, in the debut issue of the US magazine Construction Safety!

Click here and flip to page 18 to read online!

For further viewing/reading please check out our YouTube Channel  or log into our Customer Page to view the full V-Learning episode.

Summer Warehouse Closure 2021

Our Sweden warehouse will be closed for 2 nonconsecutive weeks with weeks of reduced hours surrounding.

  • W27 / Week of July 5th: Normal operation
  • W28 / Week of July 12th: Reduced hours
  • W29 / Week of July 19th: CLOSED
  • W30 / Week of July 26th: Reduced hours
  • W31 / Week of August 2nd: CLOSED
  • W32 / Week of August 9th: Reduced hours
  • W33 / Week of August 16th: Normal operation

Be sure to get your orders in with us before then!

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.