Summer Warehouse Closure 2021

Our Sweden warehouse will be closed for 2 nonconsecutive weeks with weeks of reduced hours surrounding.

  • W27 / Week of July 5th: Normal operation
  • W28 / Week of July 12th: Reduced hours
  • W29 / Week of July 19th: CLOSED
  • W30 / Week of July 26th: Reduced hours
  • W31 / Week of August 2nd: CLOSED
  • W32 / Week of August 9th: Reduced hours
  • W33 / Week of August 16th: Normal operation

Be sure to get your orders in with us before then!

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.

World Supply Chain Disarray

World supply chains in disarray!

Here we go again. There are now serious disruptions in international supply chains as well as raw material shortages. Raw material prices are high and unstable and shipping is getting very expensive and with big delays and uncertainties!

At Eureka we build stock of all critical components to secure supply and we stick to same high quality raw materials despite the increase in price.

In case of unexpected disruptions, please make sure you have apropriate stock levels sooner rather than later!

15-1 Assembly Nitrile 2 Full

Stay dry and stay cool!

With the recent rainy weather here in Sweden and (hopefully) a warm summer just around the corner, we are reminded how important it is to keep your hands dry during long periods of work. Whether it be in an oily workshop or in a garden, our 15-1 Assembly Nitrile 2 Full (Pictured) is the perfect assembly glove to keep moisture and oils away from your skin while maintaining optimal finger dexterity.

For those hot summer days, stay cool with Eureka’s Cool series gloves! Ultra thin, high performance materials, with superior wicking capabilities makes these gloves a no-brainer during the summer months.

For dry environments go with SupraCoat – Eureka’s own special coating blend optimized for dry grip

for oily or wet environments go with Nitrile – Eureka optimized for wet/oily grip

Stay cool, stay protected!

1 Year celebration at new office

Celebrating 1 year at our new office

Time flies when you’re having fun. Thats the usual saying which doesn’t really apply to this past year but time has flown quickly nonetheless.

Last year we took a big step in our facilities  with our new combined warehouse, office, and lab, as we at Eureka are constantly pushing the boundaries to make our products and services ever better.

For 2021 we have many interesting products in the works which will be launching during 2nd half of the year as well as a big ongoing push for digital services!

Stay tuned and stay safe!

Tire Change Vibration

Easter is here and it’s soon time to change tires!

Do you feel numbness in your hands after your shift? This could very well be caused by operating harmful vibrating tools without proper protection or precaution.

Keep your hands safe by following these simple steps:

  1. Keep your hands warm
  2. Rotate work tasks – minimize exposure
  3. Use modern power tools
  4. Use the correct Eureka glove

Specifically for impacting tools like those found in a tire chaning worskhop we hihgly recommend the 15-1 Transient Vibration or the 15-4 Flexi Vibration if you also need moderate cut protection.

Hand arm vibration syndrome and vibration induced white finger syndrome are serious and very real. This is especially problematic as the use of incorrect vibration reducing gloves can accelerate the damage exponentially. Eureka’s line of vibration reducing gloves provide an unmatched level of protection when using impacting and/or vibration tools. Our unique glove-to-tool matching concept marks the beginning of a paradigm shift in personal vibration protection by providing you with the correct protective glove to match the frequency range of the tool you are using.

With advanced measuring equipment, a carefully developed range of unique vibration-reducing gloves and an ever-growing database, we at Eureka have developed a deep understanding of the risks of vibrating and impacting tools.

Ask the pros! Contact us at

Find your distributor at

Stay safe and happy easter!

A rocky recovery

Much of the global manufacturing is quickly moving out of the doldrums and gearing up significantly! The recovery is of course most welcome by all but it is not well synchronized and we expect to see some major imbalances. In the past months there has been a massive increases in freight costs from China that is only slowly declining, an appreciating Chinese currency, a Brexit not quite as expected, big increases (40-200%) in nitrile, latex and PU cost and now we see fast price increases in textile materials too (15+%).

So what can we do?

Eureka is ramping up production and keep good a stock level and is following relevant markets to mitigate abrupt changes.

We also strongly recommend our customers to rebuild stock in time and be prepared for price changes so that the entire supply chain is prepared for the better times that we all expect and long for.

Eureka Winter Gloves

Finally a cold winter!

This winter is turning out to be colder than the average!  It brings lots of winter sport opportunities but also hand safety issues. Cold hands are not only uncomfortable but also dramatically reduce hand strength and precision. Cold hands are also  much more prone to vibration injuries.

Winter handsafety education

At Eureka we have a range of suitable gloves! On our YouTube channel you can find a more indepth look at our assortment as well as a general Quick Learning about winter gloves!

Eureka winter glove solutions

Close fitting seamless winter gloves

Mild winter, 15-1 Assembly Winter

Mild winter water resistant, 15-1 Assembly winter2

Mild winter cut resistant 15-3 Winter Cut

Cold winter 1310-2 Double Shell Nitrile

Cold winter cut resistant 1310-5 Double Shell Nitrile

Loose fitting winter gloves

Medium cold, loose fit, PU Grip Winter

Cold & wet winter, MF Nordic winter

Very cold winter including dry ice handling for vaccines, PU Grip Winter Waterproof

Vibration protection

Winter rotating tools, Vibration Flexi Winter

Winter, fastest rotating or impacting tools, Impact Vibration Winter

Impact protection

Impact Xtreme Winter

1310-5 Impact Light


If the cold continue there could be glove shortages as it was during the cold years around 2010. Perhaps an opportunity to secure a bargain on the limited quantities of outgoing winter styles? If so contact us!

Eureka Safety is hiring

We are hiring!

Eureka is back in the growth trajectory and will be hiring new Area Sales Managers for Scandinavia and Central & Eastern Europe (area from Benelux/Germany to Romania).

Both positions will be based in at our HQ outside Gothenburg. Good skills in communication and sales, technical knowhow and relevant languages are required.

For further information please contact

Hydraulic Jet Protection Glove

Protect yourself against Hydraulic Jet Injection!

Hydraulic Jet Injections may seem harmless at first. The puncture wound may feel like a sting or a splinter but without immediate care may lead to serious damage and result in amputation.

Eureka’s new double coated 13-4 Puncture Hydraulic glove offers highly dexterous and oil proof glove with protection against oil jets.

Contact us to learn more!


Vibration Winter Glove

Keep your hands warm while using vibrating tools!

During the colder months, make sure to keep your hands warm to decrease the risk of vibration damage to your hands and fingers. Having cold hands while operating powertools amplifies the potential damage from vibrations and greatly increases the risk of Hand-Arm-Vibration Syndrome and especially White Finger Syndrome.

Eureka offers on-site measurement and analysis of your hand driven power tools in order pinpoint dangerous frequencies and accurately recommend the appropriate combination of models to suit your specific task.

With advanced measuring equipment, a carefully developed range of unique vibration reducing gloves and an ever-growing data-bank, we have developed a deep understanding of the risks associated with vibrating and impacting power tools.

Contact us to learn more!