Combine Models for ultimate protection

Need cut protection for your Eureka Winter glove? Need to make you Eureka Cut Protection glove warmer during winter? Need to take off your gloves for high precision work in very cold environments?

Use Case #1

In severe winter conditions thick and warm gloves such as the Eureka MF Nordic Winter is needed to maintain hand temperature. If there is a need for high precision under those conditions the gloves have to be temporary taken off. Bare hands cool down very fast and its difficult to regain warmth in the hands. Mountaineers and other expeditions have long used a system of a very thin inner glove that increase insulation and also provides for a critical barrier between the skin and the icing wind.

The Eureka 13-1 Insider provides an excellent solution as a winter insider. The hollow filament fibre is warm, durable, provides a good grip and dries very fast if wet.

Use Case #2

Eureka Safety’s Food series gloves have an extra function up their cuff! Combine our 18-4 Cool Insider to add cut protection to any glove. Combine our 13-1 Insider to add warmth to your hand protection, or, for those really cold winter days, add an extra layer of insulation to your PU Grip Winter Waterproof  to keep your hands comfortable and functional.