Hydraulic Jet Protection Glove

Protect yourself against Hydraulic Jet Injection!

Hydraulic Jet Injections may seem harmless at first. The puncture wound may feel like a sting or a splinter but without immediate care may lead to serious damage and result in amputation.

Eureka’s new double coated 13-4 Puncture Hydraulic glove offers highly dexterous and oil proof glove with protection against oil jets.

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Vibration Winter Glove

Keep your hands warm while using vibrating tools!

During the colder months, make sure to keep your hands warm to decrease the risk of vibration damage to your hands and fingers. Having cold hands while operating powertools amplifies the potential damage from vibrations and greatly increases the risk of Hand-Arm-Vibration Syndrome and especially White Finger Syndrome.

Eureka offers on-site measurement and analysis of your hand driven power tools in order pinpoint dangerous frequencies and accurately recommend the appropriate combination of models to suit your specific task.

With advanced measuring equipment, a carefully developed range of unique vibration reducing gloves and an ever-growing data-bank, we have developed a deep understanding of the risks associated with vibrating and impacting power tools.

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