Eureka Winter Gloves

Finally a cold winter!

This winter is turning out to be colder than the average!  It brings lots of winter sport opportunities but also hand safety issues. Cold hands are not only uncomfortable but also dramatically reduce hand strength and precision. Cold hands are also  much more prone to vibration injuries.

Winter handsafety education

At Eureka we have a range of suitable gloves! On our YouTube channel you can find a more indepth look at our assortment as well as a general Quick Learning about winter gloves!

Eureka winter glove solutions

Close fitting seamless winter gloves

Mild winter, 15-1 Assembly Winter

Mild winter water resistant, 15-1 Assembly winter2

Mild winter cut resistant 15-3 Winter Cut

Cold winter 1310-2 Double Shell Nitrile

Cold winter cut resistant 1310-5 Double Shell Nitrile

Loose fitting winter gloves

Medium cold, loose fit, PU Grip Winter

Cold & wet winter, MF Nordic winter

Very cold winter including dry ice handling for vaccines, PU Grip Winter Waterproof

Vibration protection

Winter rotating tools, Vibration Flexi Winter

Winter, fastest rotating or impacting tools, Impact Vibration Winter

Impact protection

Impact Xtreme Winter

1310-5 Impact Light


If the cold continue there could be glove shortages as it was during the cold years around 2010. Perhaps an opportunity to secure a bargain on the limited quantities of outgoing winter styles? If so contact us!