Go Light!

Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere. During these (hopefully) warm months, its all about lighter garments as well as lighter gloves for those summer activities and projects…

Eureka offers a range of super thin, ultra high dexterity and comfortable gloves. They are divided into 3 families:



Highest heat conductivity and a hydrophobic / hydrophilic construction that keeps your hands cool and dry!

*Unsuitable in presence of heat, flame or extreme cold.

18-5 SuperCool Ni

Thinner than a nylon glove, touchscreen and top rated F cut resistance!

18-3 Cool Ni

Super thin, touchscreen



Comfortable all-round gloves. High cut resistance & great sweat absorption

13-4 General Light SC

The Jack of all trades, thin, comfortable and cut E!



Fire resistant Para-aramid, anti-static yarns and a selection suitable from fine assembly tasks to racking big switches and breakers in big power installations.

15-4 Heat Ni

The ultimate workshop glove! Fire resistant textile and cut D all in a very fine and dexterous construction!


Stay cool and protected in the heat!