Ocean Plastics & Sustainability Efforts

Eureka Safety continues its efforts towards a sustainable future into 2022 with the introduction of recycled ocean plastics into the majority of its assortment. This journey begins by replacing small parts of non-performance-critical components.

Eureka Safety Sustainability & Environmental Efforts

  • Elimination of toxic chemicals & solvents in production process and product
  • No use of poisons (biocides) for odor reduction / “anti-odor”
  • Complete switch from plastic to paper packaging
  • 30% improvement in coating durability (2022) for lower life cycle impact
  • Production facility is BSCI social compliant certified
  • Lightweight products = less resources consumed
  • Volume maximization in transport & storage
  • Salesforce travelling with electric vehicles & free charging for office staff
  • Outgoing goods delivery CO2 compensated
  • Headquarters & warehouse heated and powered by solar and bio energy (pictured)
  • Digital focus: training, meetings, and the reduction of paper consumption