Eureka Update #1: Summer warmth, cut protection, and SupraCoat

Preparing for the summer months

It’s time to start thinking about the appropriate hand protection along with your summer work wear! Eureka’s Assembly series gloves are perfect-fit glove that will improve your grip and provide a layer of protection against scrapes and scratches. If your working environment is tougher and a cut protection glove is required, our Cool series gloves are the place to look. Our yarn composites enables optimal moisture and heat transfer away from the skin, keeping your hands… cool!

Cut protection without steel or glass fiber?

The 13-4 Cool Nitrile is exactly that. With its EN388:2016 cut rating D, and ANSI cut level A4, the 13-4 CNI offers unparalleled cut protection without the use of steel or glass fiber reinforcement. Couple this with our Nitrile coating and you have a highly durable and protective glove perfect for warm summer temperatures in oily environments.

Looking for super thin cut protection for the summer months?

Our 18-3 Cool with either SupraCoat or Nitrile coating offers a high level of cut protection at EN388:2016 cut rating C, and ANSI cut level A3 in our thinnest glove. Also, make your interactions with technology easier with touch screen capability!

SupraCoat or Nitrile?

SupraCoat and Nitrile coated gloves are rubberized grip surfaces that help you keep a firm grasp on your work. Nitrile provides optimal grip in oily environments and SupraCoat provides optimal grip in dry environments.