Eureka Safety and COVID-19

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to unfold, Eureka is dedicated to continue supplying industry with the PPE it requires to keep going strong in these tough times. Our mission is to remain operating at as high capacity as possible for as long as possible to supply global sales.

Orders from our Sweden warehouse will go out as per usual and at the very minimum, once a week, short of a complete lockdown.

We have implemented strict health and safety precautions in our headquarters office in an effort to maximize our work output and minimize the risk of infection.

These are trying times, but we are determined.

Stay safe!

Image courtesy of the CDC

Eureka Arc Flash Protection. We’ve got the solution.

Not a single product, but a range

We have you covered for from low to high, NFPA 70E level 1 to 4.

Superior fit

The fit and finger dexterity is exceptional due our specially developed tooling that gives the gloves a pre-bent ergonomic shape.

High durability

Produced in our fully owned factory with best materials and processes yields an excellent durability in relation to common FR rated gloves.

Eureka Arc Flash gloves

We first introduced a special protective print to the back of our gloves in 2015. The print radically increase protection from the arc hazards of radiation and the hot plasma cloud/explosion.

Complete testing

Our gloves are tested in accordance to the box test that simulates an arc explosion in a confined space as well as the ASTM 2675 open arc for open room explosion. The gloves are tested without print for the certification value; and with print for a more realistic value which in our case protects against significantly higher energies.

Multi norm

The Arc Flash gloves also provide high cut resistance ranging from cut D, for the lightest glove 15-4 Heat AF4, to cut E, for the 13-4 HFR series.

Anti-static content

The textile is made of 2% anti-static fibres to reduce the risk of static electricity induced sparks enabling safe use in refineries and explosion exposed areas.


Its an end of an era and the beginning of a new one here at Eureka Safety / Y. Berger & Co. After close to 50 years here in the Högsbo area, we will be moving to a bigger freshly built office building and warehouse.

We are aiming to be back up and running at 100% at the beginning of next week (week 9).

We apologize in advance for any delays in communication.

Our new address will be Gröenvägen 15, SE 438 91, Landvetter, Sweden. 


Goodbye Plastic, Hello Paper! Hooks!

Goodbye plastic, hello paper: update

Switching to paper packaging just isn’t enough!
During 2020 we will also be switching out our plastic hooks to a card paper in our effort to reach fully environmentally friendly accessories

Every minute nearly two million single-use plastic bags are distributed worldwide and every year 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in our oceans. In 2020 Eureka will continue rolling out paper packaged products in an effort to reduce our impact on ocean pollution.

Eureka app available in 9 more languages!

Our Eureka app is now available in 9 more languages!


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