Protection against mechanical risks
A. Abrasion (1-4)
B. Cut (1-5)
C. Tear (1-4)
D. Puncture (1-4)
F. ISO Cut (A-F)
P. Impact protection (P=Pass)


Protection against cold
1. Convective cold (1-4)
2. Contact cold (1-4)
3. Water impermeability (0/1)



Levels measured in grams needed to cut through material
A1 ≥ 200g
A2 ≥ 500g
A3 ≥ 1000g
A4 ≥ 1500g
A5 ≥ 2200g
A6 ≥ 3000g
A7 ≥ 4000g
A8 ≥ 5000g
A9 ≥ 6000g


ASTM F2878

Standard Test Method for Protective Clothing Material Resistance to Hypodermic Needle Puncture
Result is displayed in N (Newtons of force)


Food Safe

Food Safe





Protection against thermal hazards
A. Flammability (1-4)
B. Contact heat (1-4)
C. Convective heat (1-4)
D. Radial heat (1-4)
E. Small splash molten metal (1-4)
F. Large splash molten metal (1-4)


Protection from Vibrations


ASTM F2675

Arc Flash Rating
The resulting ATPV value in cal/cm2 is the highest accepted level at which the probability of a second degree skin burn is at 50%



Electrical surface resistance
Result displayed in Ω (Ohm)



Live working gloves of insulating material